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iStaySafe Acquires Find-Me Technologies, Strengthens position in the IoT Industry

Australian safety-tech trailblazer, iStaySafe, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Find-Me Technologies (FMT): a Brisbane company that has developed and brought to market a bespoke wearable device for the aged care and lone worker markets. By expanding the company’s product portfolio and moving into new market verticals, this acquisition supports iStaySafe’s ambition to become a leader in the personal safety market.

To date, iStaySafe’s focus has been on the child safety market, with its flagship child safety smartwatch and software, TicTocTrack® experiencing a 600% sales growth over just two years. The acquisition of FMT – a specialist in personal tracking solutions – is a strategic move, bringing together two safety-focused tech companies with complementary products and customer bases.

“This is a very exciting, transformational period for iStaySafe! The synergies created through this acquisition will generate enormous value for our customers. The combination of FMT’s expertise in bespoke GPS hardware and software solutions and iStaySafe’s innovative software platforms, means that customers can look forward to more robust, intelligent and accurate GPS services from both companies; meaning better monitoring and safety than ever for their loved ones—young and older” said Karen Cantwell, CEO & Director, iStaySafe.

As FMT becomes part of iStaySafe’s group of companies, both companies will offer new capabilities and products that will further drive the IoT in Australia. This includes the creation of new safety products, services and experiences, and better ways to engineer, manufacture, design and operate user-friendly platforms.

“FMT is excited to join forces with iStaySafe as we launch our new device, K.I.T Connectivity Solutions. This proprietary mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) is a best-in-class device for the aged care, disability and lone worker markets. The FMT team brings technical and commercial expertise that can be applied across all products and market verticals in the combined entity,” said Rachel Boden CEO, FMT.

iStaySafe and FMT investors, including OneVentures, have secured matching investment from the Queensland Business Development Fund (BDF), which is a program committed to supporting innovation, growing jobs and strengthening the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The BDF provides a great platform for start-ups to succeed, learn from each other, and even work together. iStaySafe and FMT are both BDF success stories, and now we will be joining forces to take innovative hardware and safety technology in Australia to the next level. We have a similar culture of innovation as well as the experience and expertise required to deliver the best customer and employee experiences, that in turn result in market-leading safety solutions for our clients,” added Karen Cantwell.

The acquisition opens up exciting opportunities for iStaySafe to venture into different verticals, foster more significant partnerships, and expand its company portfolio.

K.I.T Connectivity Solutions

Dementia Action Week 16-21 September 2019

In Australia in 2019 there are an estimated 447, 115 Australians living with dementia and an estimated 27 247 people with younger onset dementia, with these figures set to rise. It’s estimated that 1.5 million people in Australia are involved in the care of someone living with dementia.  (

Around 60% of those living with dementia have a tendency to wander. Most are found within the first 12 hours, however 7% not found, over 25% suffer serious injury or death. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions may be a simple solution to this problem. K.I.T is a Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) that works anywhere there is 3G mobile phone coverage, allowing an emergency alert with location information to be sent at the push of a button or if there is a fall.

With two-way hands-free voice communication, onboard GPS, fall detector, SOS button and mobile connectivity, the K.I.T mobile device is an all in one solution that provides peace of mind for wearers and carers in or out of the home.


Find-me Technologies launches K.I.T Connectivity Solutions

Find-me Technologies are very excited to announce the launch of a new device K.I.T Connectivity Solutions. Following on from years of experience and customer feedback, Find-me Tech have now integrated these learnings into designing and developing a new device and software solution. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions is an Australian-owned user-friendly device that provides peace of mind, made simple.

The K.I.T device is discrete and very wearable, weighing just 51 grams it can be worn as a watch, on a belt loop or around the neck. We do not propose ‘watching over’ or ‘monitoring’ those using Find-me Tech products. K.I.T embraces and respects freedom of the individual and Find-me Tech products are designed to help people at risk enjoy greater autonomy, and provide peace of mind to those wearing them that they can keep in touch with carers, loved ones and emergency response teams through the device and interface should the need arise.

We have taken on board feedback that wearers do not want a device that people know is a personal emergency response solution. Many devices on the market are large and are not conducive to being worn discreetly and are often not adaptable. The K.I.T Connectivity Solutions’ Online Client Console is intuitive, easy to navigate and completely mobile optimised for your convenience.

The price point of Find-me Tech products allows the ability for K.I.T Connectivity Solutions to fit in with NDIS and Aged Care packages and Find-me Tech can tailor a solution that can work within your budget over a specified time frame.

Please connect with us today to find out more @ or call the customer service team on 07 3252 9929. For all corporate and trade enquiries, please call Steve Cave on 0428 818 233 or email and we will connect you to the sales team.

Kind Regards
Rachel Boden

Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS)

  • SOS Alert
  • Location Assist
  • Geo Fence
  • Reminders – Medication, Food, Drink, Transport
  • Fall Sensor
  • Security Check In / Out
  • SMS / email alerts
  • Movement Alert
  • Call in and call out
  • Vibration option
  • Silent option
  • Wireless charging
  • Silent duress
  • Monitored options
  • Mobile Optimised Online Client Console
  • Plus much more

Find-me appoints Rachel Boden as new CEO

Preparing for Rapid Growth

Find-me Technologies, the creator of the Find-me Watch, a wearable device to assist the elderly and those diagnosed with dementia, is preparing for rapid growth with the appointment of Rachel Boden as Chief Executive Officer.

With a career in health spanning over three decades, Ms Boden brings extensive experience in healthcare product commercialisation, having worked in start-up to large corporate pharmaceutical companies servicing Asia Pacific.

Find-me technologies Chair Anne-Marie Birkill said the company was delighted to welcome an individual of Rachel’s calibre to the role of Find-me CEO.

“Find-me is poised to become a world leader in the field of mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) providing safety, security and peace of mind for the frail and vulnerable and those who care for them. Rachel has the skills and experience to drive the company into this next exciting phase,” Ms Birkill said.

Prior to joining Find-me, Ms Boden was a Commercial Director at Perrigo Australia where she drove the transformation of the Hospital, Prescription and Contract manufacturing business profitability through strategic partnerships, innovative product development and strong sales and marketing platforms. She has also held senior management positions in sales and marketing with companies such as Obagi International and AstraZeneca.

“The Find-me Watch provides the opportunity for millions of people to feel confident and safe, whether in their homes or outside living life. It is this freedom and peace of mind that provides the potential for the WATCH to have a significant impact in healthcare today and in the future,” Ms Boden said.

“My focus throughout my career, beginning in nursing has always been motivated by a passion to find healthcare solutions through pharmaceutical products and devices. I am therefore very excited to join the Find-me team and its founders, who are equally committed to developing the WATCH into a device that will extend the possibility of millions of people world wide to maintain their independence.”

“Given the aging population and escalating healthcare costs, there are opportunities to grow and quickly scale up this product offering. I look forward to working closely with the Find-me team, clients, shareholders and partners to deliver continuing innovation to the Find-me carers device that will assist carers and healthcare professionals provide independence to the wearers of the device,” Ms Boden said.

Find-me is a portfolio company of the OneVentures Innovation and Growth Fund II and the Advance Queensland Business Development Fund.

The Age of Independence

For many people one of the most distressing things about advancing age is the loss of independence.

Carers want their loved one to enjoy life as they always have – but carers also need the assurance that safety and support will be there if it is needed.

The Queensland-based duo who invented the Find-Me Watch were facing these exact challenges in caring for family members. Their solution was to develop this clever piece of wearable technology in response.

Dave’s father had dementia and his wandering was becoming a concern. The Find-Me Watch proto-type enabled Dave and his family to know if his father left safe surroundings, and provided instant two-way communication in case of emergency. Bruce’s ageing grandmother wore a Find-Me Watch to help her stay independent for longer. With the added support available whenever needed, she continued living alone in her own home for another six years.

The most surprising part though, for many carers, is the pleasure of regaining their own freedom and independence, knowing their loved one has support available with the touch of a button on the Find-Me Watch.

But we have to warn you, it will be hard to get used to seeing a movie, enjoying a meal out or even just doing the shopping for the first time, without being anxious for your loved one.

Carers can log in to the Find-Me Watch web interface and customise the alerts at any time, or check their loved ones’ whereabouts if there is any reason for concern.

The Find-Me Watch also makes it easy for other members of the family to play their part as a carer. Up to five different contacts can receive alerts or phone calls, and the details are easy to change if the primary contact is going overseas, travelling for business or simply enjoying a weekend away.

That means more independence for everyone, so both elderly family members and carers can be a little happier and healthier.


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