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Who we are

iStaySafe is an Australian owned and operated company committed to safety.  iStaySafe acquired Find-me Technologies in October 2019 expanding the company's product portfolio. iStaySafe’s focus has been on the child safety market, with its flagship child safety smartwatch and software TicTocTrack® . The acquisition of Find-me Technologies - a specialist in personal tracking solutions - is a strategic move, bringing together two safety-focused tech companies with complementary products and customer bases.

“This is a very exciting, transformational period for iStaySafe! The synergies created through this acquisition will generate enormous value for our customers. The combination of Find-me Technologie’s expertise in bespoke GPS hardware and software solutions and iStaySafe’s innovative software platforms, means that customers can look forward to more robust, intelligent and accurate GPS services from both companies; meaning better monitoring and safety than ever for their loved ones — young and older” said Karen Cantwell, CEO & Director, iStaySafe.

At iStaySafe we believe that making peace of mind simple, starts with making  sure everything we do and say conforms with our brand promise.

Providing user friendly connectivity defines our K.I.T Connectivity Solutions brand promise. Everything we do, we do to ensure the safety of those who chose our products to Keep In Touch.

It was this brand promise that drove the development of the first mobile personal emergency device in 2009 to manage wandering episodes of a father with early onset dementia in Brisbane Australia. Fast forward 10 years and a few thousand user experiences later and K.I.T Connectivity Solutions an aesthetically advanced product that now meet the needs of many. Our company is here today because of the investment provided by One-Ventures Fund II and The Advance Queensland Business Development fund who see how this small device can literally assist to save lives and improve socialisation through connection.

Whether you need that extra peace of mind as you actively age in your own home, stay safe at home or out and about or need to keep in touch with an employer as you undertake work remotely, K.I.T Connectivity Solutions will help you keep connected.

What makes us Different

Unlike many devices K.I.T Connectivity Solutions has been developed to meet end user requirements. We have not taken a branded watch and placed software on it, our device has been designed and developed as a bespoke unit that is completely owned by us, an Australian company, ensuring peace of mind for those that wear it.

We have developed our device and user interface, initially created specifically for aged care and dementia, we have refined it with the insight from aged care experts as well as the wearers of our device. In addition to this we have added multiple features into K.I.T that have created a product that is suitable for anyone needing to keep in touch.

We do not propose "watching over" or "monitoring" those  using our products, we embrace and respect freedom and independence.

Our products are designed to help people at risk enjoy  greater autonomy, to provide peace of mind to those using  our products to keep in touch with loved ones or carers, and  those using our interface to manage and keep in touch with  persons under their care.

So what makes us different? Our real-life experiences of caring for elderly relatives, being that person wanting discrete independence, freedom and peace of mind are behind every facet. So you know our products are designed entirely by us with you in mind!



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