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Dementia Action Week 16-21 September 2019

In Australia in 2019 there are an estimated 447, 115 Australians living with dementia and an estimated 27 247 people with younger onset dementia, with these figures set to rise. It’s estimated that 1.5 million people in Australia are involved in the care of someone living with dementia.  (

Around 60% of those living with dementia have a tendency to wander. Most are found within the first 12 hours, however 7% not found, over 25% suffer serious injury or death. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions may be a simple solution to this problem. K.I.T is a Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) that works anywhere there is 3G mobile phone coverage, allowing an emergency alert with location information to be sent at the push of a button or if there is a fall.

With two-way hands-free voice communication, onboard GPS, fall detector, SOS button and mobile connectivity, the K.I.T mobile device is an all in one solution that provides peace of mind for wearers and carers in or out of the home.


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