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The Age of Independence

For many people one of the most distressing things about advancing age is the loss of independence.

Carers want their loved one to enjoy life as they always have – but carers also need the assurance that safety and support will be there if it is needed.

The Queensland-based duo who invented the Find-Me Watch were facing these exact challenges in caring for family members. Their solution was to develop this clever piece of wearable technology in response.

Dave’s father had dementia and his wandering was becoming a concern. The Find-Me Watch proto-type enabled Dave and his family to know if his father left safe surroundings, and provided instant two-way communication in case of emergency. Bruce’s ageing grandmother wore a Find-Me Watch to help her stay independent for longer. With the added support available whenever needed, she continued living alone in her own home for another six years.

The most surprising part though, for many carers, is the pleasure of regaining their own freedom and independence, knowing their loved one has support available with the touch of a button on the Find-Me Watch.

But we have to warn you, it will be hard to get used to seeing a movie, enjoying a meal out or even just doing the shopping for the first time, without being anxious for your loved one.

Carers can log in to the Find-Me Watch web interface and customise the alerts at any time, or check their loved ones’ whereabouts if there is any reason for concern.

The Find-Me Watch also makes it easy for other members of the family to play their part as a carer. Up to five different contacts can receive alerts or phone calls, and the details are easy to change if the primary contact is going overseas, travelling for business or simply enjoying a weekend away.

That means more independence for everyone, so both elderly family members and carers can be a little happier and healthier.


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