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Bespoke design meets wearable technology

A number of software companies have developed or repurposed apps for the off-the-shelf smart watches that are manufactured by some of the major personal technology brands.

While these apps offer a great way to extend the capability of smart watches for the general public, it’s important to remember that general-purpose smart watches are simply not designed with dementia in mind.

In contrast, the principles of bespoke design are intrinsic to the Find-Me Watch, which was created specifically for dementia applications and has been refined through expert insights in aged care and dementia settings.

What makes the Find-Me Watch so different?

It has many of the features you would expect from wearable safety technology, including easy and direct two-way communication, and help to locate the wearer using 3G GPS technology.

Worn discreetly like a digital watch or pendant, the wearer can use the Watch to call for help or reassurance with the simple press of a button.

Unlike multi-purpose products designed for the general public, the Find-Me Watch doesn’t require the wearer to scroll through menus or select options in order to launch the program. Nor can the wearer accidentally exit an app, leaving them without monitoring and support.

Whenever the watch is charged and being worn, the application – and all of its functionality – are always there, ready to alert carers of any concerns.

The watch is designed without reliance on touchscreen functions, ensuring the wearer is unable to change or delete the settings. This makes the watch incredibly easy for the wearer to use.

On our simple-to-use web interface, carers can choose to be notified if the wearer falls, enters or leaves a designated area, removes the watch, or enters a moving vehicle (speed alert). A range of other alerts can be customised on the web interface, providing as little or as much support as needed.

If you are concerned that your loved one might remove the watch, a smooth, lockable clip can be easily placed on the watch band; ensuring the watch won’t be taken off without assistance from a carer.

Charging the watch is surprisingly easy, even for people with limited fine motor skills or low vision. There’s no need to remove the battery or struggle with tiny plugs and power cords. Simply place the Find-Me Watch on our custom charge pad, which is specially designed to ensure the watch goes on to charge the right way every time.

In less than two hours the watch is recharged and your loved one can keep it on all day (including in the shower), reducing the risk that it will be forgotten.

It’s no accident that the Find-Me Watch has such an amazing range of functions. It was designed and tested in dementia and aged-care situations, making this a product that is backed up by real-life experience.


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